Woman, Earth & Spirit, Inc

Expanding Possibilities for Lesbians & Women

Woman, Earth and Spirit, Inc
  Our 501-c-3 not-for-profit corporation
 EIN 36-450-7584

sponsoring a range of projects to expand possibilities for Lesbians & other women

Jae Haggard@gmail.com

PO Box 130
Serafina, NM 87569
Jae: 480-745-6608

April 2015

Administrator, Board of Directors & Maize Editor ~
Jae Haggard, Outland NM
Maize Duplication & Distribution ~ Stef Adams, Outland NM

Co-Administrator & Board of Directors ~ Bridget Dorward, CA
Board of Directors & Tech ~ Kim Rivers, MA
Land Preservation Project Coordinator ~ Reitha Jacobs, Laughing Waters MO

Library & Archives
Documentary Media Project ~ Harvest, Poco-a-Poco Farm WV





    Founded in 2003, WE&S received final IRS 501-c-3 approval in 2007.  Administered by skilled volunteers, all highly regarded in the Lesbian community, WE&S sponsors a growing range of workshops, spaces and projects that expand possibilities for Landykes, other Lesbians and women  our primary mission.  Each addresses a real need in our Lesbian and women’s lives.

Our oldest sponsored Project, Maize, A Lesbian Country Magazine, has been serving our community for over 30 years.  Outland was founded in 1989, ALIC in 1998 and the Landyke & Lesbian Documentary Media Project in 2006, the Landyke & Lesbian Library & Archives in 2008, and the Heartfull Giving Fund in 2011.  Our other Projects are growing toddlers.

30 women are actively involved in our range of Projects ~ all volunteers who donate skills and time.  We each bring different skills and skill levels and we share skill-building.

All our projects and events are offered on a sliding scale with an 'offer whatever you can' option.  In our experience, women donate generously, whatever their economic status. That generosity is at the heart of our success and growth. At the same time we do serve a community with a significant low-income population.

Want to Participate?

  Energy.  We invite your questions and welcome your energetic or financial support. See a Project that you find exciting?  We’d love to have you join us in unfolding its potential. We’d love to add your vision to ours. Choose any of our Projects that sparks your enthusiasm. We'd love to have you coordinate, do a range of tasks, or donate.


Have a Project or Creativity of your own?  Part of our mission is to make our equipment and knowledge available to other women.


Donations.  We have accomplished small miracles with an impressively tiny amount of money.  Laugh, we are women of big vision with resources just sprouting to match.


Most all of our impressive array of equipment has been donated.  We welcome your equipment and supplies donations.

   Please consider what financial donation you are able to offer to promote and expand these wondrous Projects.  You many designate your donation for particular Projects or to our General Pot of Abundance for distribution as needed to Programs.  Although we have already been designated as a primary beneficiary in three wills, we have accomplished our wonders so far on many small donations and a few large contributions.  

   We are ongoing collecting funds for our Heartfull Giving Fund which has given thousands of dollars to Lesbians in need of immediate funds for living and similar expenses. We have served as the sponsoring umbrella for designated donations to particular Lesbian, like Julia Penelope. We sponsored a fundraising for a Lesbian needing a liver transplant.

   Most of our grants are small, up to $250, and have gone to dozens on Landykes, Maize subscribers, and other Lesbians. They are able to pay for medical supplies, supplements, acupuncture for pain control, immediate rent assistance, food, and so much more.

Woman, Earth & Spirit, Inc ~ Projects Overview

We encourage you to offer regular pledges and to remember our work in your wills.

WE&S sponsors several educational, media, construction, and helping-hand Projects that address the needs of Land Lesbians and Lesbian Lands. We invite and encourage you to work with us on any Project that tickles your passion. Your energy and ideas will add momentum to these great Projects.

We also invite you to participate in our Workshops and use our equipment, facilities and services.

And, we invite you to donate materials, tools, equipment, money or other resources to make it more possible for us to serve our community. Do Consider joining with us to make a difference in wimmin's lives and possibilities. We are all volunteers. We’d love to work with you!



Links to Woman, Earth and Spirit Projects 

Outland has donated space for the office and production studio for all WE&S Projects. 


Heartfull Giving Fund

Landyke Documentary Media Project 

  Landyke & Lesbian Library & Archives

  Lesbian Land Preservation Project 

Maize, A Lesbian Country Magazine

New Mexico Women’s Guest House, Retreat & Healing Center at Outland ~ www.NMWomensRetreat.org

Our beloved Maize is the primary communication vehicle among lands and wimmin with an Earth connection or an interest in Lesbian community. Published each Equinox and Solstice, Maize records our lives and culture.

The Landyke & Lesbian Documentary Media Project gathers existing materials that document Lesbians on Land, interviews and records Landyke lives and stories, edits and distributes DVDs and other materials that portray our lives, and archives all source and edited materials. Jess has already produced 9 wonderful DVDs, 8 on Alapine Village with more in process. Harvest has produced 3 slideshow DVDs of Lesbian lands and has offered to produce a DVD of your land.Websites Coming, Links Soon


Landyke & Lesbian Library & Archives. Expected donations will multiply the thousands of books and periodicals we already have. Plans and fund-raising are in process to eventually construct a Library, Archives & Media Center building at Outland. Your support appreciated!


What will happen to our lands when we die or can no longer care for them ourselves? The Lesbian & Women’s Land Preservation Project (LLPP) overall mission is to help women on land gain clarity about what we want to happen with our lands and then to help us find the tools and resources to make specific provisions for the perpetuity and preservation of our lands. Contact Jae to discuss how WE&S can help preserve your land or accept your land as a bequest. ~


Lesbian Land Affordable & Accessible Housing Project & Women Build Our Own Homes. Environmentally friendly, green and non-toxic housing on land is a critical need. We also need the skills and concepts to build low-cost, easily maintained, beautiful structures that can be built with limited resources, skills and help. Our extensive series of Frame and Adobe House Building Workshops at Outland create wonderful opportunities for expansion, transformation, personal growth and skill development. Outland also hosts and helps subsidize the Adobe and other Building Workshops that we sponsor, doing most of the organization as well as providing housing, food and a range of activities to expand women’s lives and possibilities.

The New Mexico Women’s Guest House, Retreat & Healing Center supports the land, as well as the WE&S Projects housed and sponsored at Outland. We invite you to stay with us and to support our efforts. Details at  www.NMWomensRetreat.org. www.Outland.pbwiki.com


The HeartFull Giving Fund collects money and other resources to pass on to Land, Maize and other Lesbians needing assistance. Donations to WE&S, Inc. are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Each dollar you donate makes such a tremendous difference. We have distributed several thousand dollars donated for Lesbians listed each issue in Our Healing Circle, and others. We distributed $9000 from the Labrys Project to Lesbian survivors of childhood sexual abuse to help them with immediate needs. We served as the umbrella for over $10,000 raised for the Deb Mensinger Liver Fund as well as serving as the umbrella for thousands to Julia Penelope and to Brey & Kali during the huge fire that forced their evacuation. And, hundreds to others.


The Earth Friendly Energy for Women Project, initiated by Dianne Dyke, will gather information and resources that address alternative low-cost possibilities for land wimmin.  Dianne passed before she could do much on this wonderful idea. Want to coordinate this project?

Still in its visionary phase, the Landyke & Lesbian Creative & Expressive Arts Project, will provide a range of studios, spaces and opportunities for craft and artistic expression, performance and display.


Lesbian Memorial Gardens. We are creating memorial areas at Outland for Lesbians who wish their ashes to rest with the land. In addition to a marker, perennial flowers, bushes or trees will be planted to honor each womon. We are so honored that Julia Penelope has made arrangements for her ashes to be at home at Outland. We are equally honored that some of Fran Day’s ashes were brought to Outland last summer and sprinkled in a Fran Day Memorial Garden Bed. Several other Lesbians are  making similar arrangements. Contact us if you would like us to honor you or a Lesbian you love.

Affordable & Accessible Housing for Women

Besides creating a wonderful learning environment for Participants, the Affordable & Accessible Housing for Women Workshops also create more needed living spaces at Outland in order to make the land and opportunities available to more women.  These living spaces are small and beautiful, constructed aligned with our Simple Living philosophy.  Outland herself is a unique opportunity for women to come to regenerate, listen to ourSelves, create and heal.  In a word, Connect—with the Earth, Self, other Women, and Spirit.  We also believe that Connection is fundamental to creative expression and wholeness/ healing.  Part of our mission is to make this opportunity available to as many women as possible for as long as they wish to be here.

The cabins we are building will then be used to make both the land and future Workshops accessible to even more women.

Our Workshop model has worked so well since 2008 when we sponsored our first Women Build Our Own Houses workshop.  Future workshops will again focus on small house Construction Principles & Skills, Connection, Creativity and Wholeness/Healing. Our goal is that women return home with the basic skills and the self-confidence to build a small, beautiful, environmentally sound, low-cost house that can be constructed in one season with local materials and limited resources, skills or help.

Tweaking as needed current plans are eventual construction start-up of two designated buildings: 1)  Library, Archives & Media Production Studio and 2)  Wholeness & Healing Arts Center.  Both will be beautiful simple adobe mid-sized buildings to house these great projects.   

    Your contributions to WE&S touch a great many individuals and ripple out into the homes and communities of each woman.  Your support makes our work possible.

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